On a serious note…

Thousands of years and billions of seders later, it has always been hard for anyone of us who have taken part in this long standing ceremonial and symbolic dinner, to truly put into words how we feel at the end of this momentous and celebratory night of eating, drinking, reading and singing. Until tonight. When my daughter, with an amazed look in her eyes and a voice full of wonder expounded at the end of the evening: “To think, I had actual visible ABS only a few short hours ago?!?”

😉 Happy Passover everyone, and Happy Easter, Happy Holiday Weekend, Happy April Fool’s Day, and Happy Everything to you and yours. Xox


It’s My Life, and It’s Now or Never…

I’m going to see Bon Jovi again in a few days!!! It’s been years. Sooo excited. I told Gaby (10),

“Gaby!! Bon Jovi is coming back to town just to see ME again. I’m sooo excited!”

She said “Mommy, I’m sure he is coming here because there was a venue available, and because ticket sales, oh, wait. Never mind. I’ll let you have this one!” 😉

She got THAT right, baby cakes. It’s My Life, and I can choose to see it anyway I want 😉

Go blast this song people. Xox

Take your bow

There are flies living in my house. As soon as I think I’ve killed them all, more appear. This has been going on for months. MONTHS!

And then I realized. It must be the way I am catching them. I keep clapping the air trying to catch them.

They obviously think I am applauding them, and keep coming back for their encore 😉

I Crack Myself Up

With three kids, there is a lot to do each morning. I have to wake them all up, get their lunches made, remind them to pack their homework, sign tests. The list goes on and on.

This one morning, we were in a really big rush. They wanted eggs. I kept saying no, we didn’t have time. I offered fruit. They wanted eggs. I said, “How about cereal?”. They said no, they wanted eggs. I said, “How about toast?”. They all shook their heads.

Time was ticking, their bellies were empty, and the tension was mounting.

Finally, I made an executive decision, gave them all granola bars and hurried them out the door. There was just no way I was going to CRACK under pressure 😉

(Crack. Eggs. get it?)