You’re it!

The power was out at the gym. Our favourite equipment, the treadmills thus not working. So I suggested we chase each other around the gym instead. The “sign in” scanner wasn’t working either. I need that beep noise it does when I check in like Pavlov’s dog to get my reward for showing up. Luckily I was able to convince the manager to make a similar beeping noise. It took awhile, but he actually did it.

Just go with it

Hailey put her sweatpants on backwards today. Laces hanging out the back and everything. Ultra obvious. So she decided to declare it backwards day instead of fixing them, and she turned her shirt around.

Slow motion

Just like they do playback on the Olympics in slow motion, choose an activity and go in slow mo. Like picking up a magazine from a store. Or tying your shoelaces, which is actually really hard to do slowly. Then do it again since playback is usually done at least twice. Two points for doing as many as you can with as many people watching as possible.

Sports for large breasted women.

So unfair. But have you noticed there are a lot of sports that large breasted women can’t excel at?
Golf: can’t swing across their chest properly.
Moguls: their knees would hit their chest too soon and throw off
their rhythm.
Gymnastics: Can’t swing around the uneven bars. Swimming: too much drag from the water slows them down.
Tennis: too much bouncing and not of the tennis balls.
Pretty much the only thing left is pole dancing. Someone please start a petition going to add it to the Olympics like figure skating. Have you seen the gracefulness and muscles on those pole dancers? Unbelievable.