lowered expectations

Catherine was in art class and the teacher was showing and explaining the art project they were to be working on. She showed a few examples. Catherine raised her hand and said “Do you have any that are not as good so I can see what mine is going to look like?”

6 thoughts on “lowered expectations”

  1. Why don’t we encourage failure more!!
    Cue….and here’s one I prepared earlier…..demonstrates a disastrous piece of cooking or art!
    Instantly, expectations are set low, everyone thinks “Crap, even I can do better than that”. Result – satisfaction, motivation, achievement.
    Sadly, we are all set up to fail!
    I do so hope the poor girl gets a few more days of wonderful innocence before she becomes a dull eyed moron like the rest of us!
    Cue….end of rant……embarrassment……delete comment……nah, I feel better!

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