The ducks from the neighbourhood keep sitting on different edges of my pool.

I called out to my 7 year old “there are ducks sitting on the pool. Come here to see them. She kept saying “what?” because she couldn’t hear me. I yelled out again and again “there are ducks in our pool, come upstairs and see the ducks!”.  Again and again she yelled back “what?”

I heard myself in frustration shortening my information to “DUCK! DUCK!”.

It was so funny that I then yelled out “goose”.

Go play duck duck goose everyone.


Scratch and sniff

Hailey (8) was showing charlie her school photo. I misheard him when he said “that one has the same smile as my relative”. I heard “that one has the same smell as my relative”. 
When i said what i heard, we thought it would be funny if pictures had the scratch and sniff feature. 

Years from now when you look back at the school photo, you can scratch and and sniff and say “oh, i remember him. He always smelled like onions.” Or “Oh, we could never tell those twins apart. Wait (scratch and sniff) “yup, that’s Mary, she wore the Vanilla body mist”.