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Wash Up Please

Catherine (13) was looking for Hailey by calling out her name so they could do homework together.
Hailey (5)  responded “I’m over here!” As the door opened to the washroom, Catherine (still in another part of the house) asked “Did you wash your hands?” “Of course!” responded Ron our contractor!
They were both quite surprised needless to say.
Olivia (11) heard the story and was laughing hysterically. She then said “Have you been finding the seat up? I’ve fallen in twice!”

lowered expectations

Catherine was in art class and the teacher was showing and explaining the art project they were to be working on. She showed a few examples. Catherine raised her hand and said “Do you have any that are not as good so I can see what mine is going to look like?”

Open Sesame. Or Says Me

Catherine couldn’t get the garage door open after repeatedly punching in the code. And boy did she want to punch it in after awhile. I went into the house in the end through the front door with my key. Then I heard her and her sister laughing in the garage. Apparently her younger sister Olivia successfully opened the door with the code on the first try, and said “Why couldn’t mommy have been here to witness me humiliating you?”

Santa! These are the facts:

Hailey (6 years old) was sitting on Catherine (13 years old) pretending to talk to Santa.
Catherine (as the voice of Santa): “how old are you little girl?”
Hailey: “I’m 15!”
Catherine: “And what grade are you in?”
Hailey: “Grade 1!!”
Catherine: “Oh, so you’re not that smart?”
|Hailey: “No! I am… I just wanted to outsmart everyone in class!!!”

Mom Rules!

Hailey peed in a cup because I said she couldn’t come out of her room again tonight 🙂
She thought she had outsmarted me. It turns out she got her sister instead when the next day Catherine came running with toothpaste hanging out of her mouth yelling about how she thinks she was rinsing her mouth out with the cup of pee!
She wasn’t but I let her believe she did for a bit. 🙂
A mother has to have some fun.