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Cut and paste

Olivia (11) lost her voice. She wrote one word on a bunch of small papers and organized them this morning into categories (verbs, adjectives, nouns). Then separated them into baggies. She literally is cutting and pasting words to make sentences. She even had the word “help. Hasn’t had to make new words all day. She must have really thought it out. Try this if you don’t text next time you have a sore throat. Too smart and soooo old school. Love it!


Proof positive Elvis lives and will forever. Move the letters around in the name Elvis. You get lives. Pass it on to non believers for 2 points.

Hold music

Do you hate being on hold music? Could it be because we are not in control of the style of music they are playing like we are with the music stations we choose and the music on our IPODS? We can all relate to that feeling of having to wait on hold for a long time with customer non service, but to add insult to injury (insult being “do you know who I am? Do you know how many things I need to get done right now?”and to injury “911. What’s your emergency? Hurt your hand?)
… Please hold?”, we are forced to either listen to the same elevator music song over and over, or music that is just not our taste. But what if for once we could press 1 for customer service, then 2 for rock, 3 for pop, 4 for country, 5 for classic, and 6 for Elvis (sorry, personal bias. He needs his own category). Then we could dance away and insist on staying on hold when they come back because now they have interrupted our me time and the song we were enjoying. 6 points for those of who have control over these music stations that we are listening to on hold and changing it up for us!

Heavy lifting

Am moving soon. Saw a sign that read “free” on an old tv in front of someone’s house. Me and my niece and sister tried putting it in my van. It weighed at least 500 pounds. Could barely move it, then it didn’t quite fit in the van with all my stuff already in it. And there was no way I could ever move it around my house. I was better off just buying an even bigger one that is a flat screen.
I thought for sure it would have been less painful than lifting my 350 pound friend. After all, he had handles… Love handles.

Clean up your fairy dust

My sister in law wanted to make the tooth fairy visit extra special. My niece had lost a front tooth that had been chipped for years. My niece left a note for the tooth fairy asking to please not take the tooth. In the morning she woke to find money and fairy dust sprinkled all over her room, a trail from her window, down into her desk and chair and then around her bed. My sister in law thought she had outdone herself as a super mom.
The next morning my niece was all concerned and asked my brother to check the alarm system. It had not gone off when the tooth fairy had clearly come in through the window. A bit frightening for her.
That night she left another note for the tooth fairy. “Dear tooth fairy. Thank you so much for leaving the tooth and the money. I appreciate it, but can you come back and vacuum up the fairy dust? It made a real mess!” …So much for the added effort as a mom!