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Wash Up Please

Catherine (13) was looking for Hailey by calling out her name so they could do homework together.
Hailey (5)  responded “I’m over here!” As the door opened to the washroom, Catherine (still in another part of the house) asked “Did you wash your hands?” “Of course!” responded Ron our contractor!
They were both quite surprised needless to say.
Olivia (11) heard the story and was laughing hysterically. She then said “Have you been finding the seat up? I’ve fallen in twice!”

Oooh la la. You’re so French

I had been practicing French with Hailey all summer. Her French accent was really bad. The mouth muscles you need when pronouncing French words are completely different than English. So to help, I said, repeat after me “faw faw, les poissons. Faw faw, les croissants”. It was really working!
Cut to the first day of kindergarten. The teachers speak only in French until grade 3. She said bonjour to everyone, and made them say back “bonjour mme francoise” which Hailey did well.
All the kids did well, until the last little girl, who said instead “faw faw!” I whispered to Hailey “See, I told you people learn to say faw faw to learn to speak French”. No they don’t! I just had made that up. And the girl only heard that so she babbled the nonsensical word to the teacher. I know the girl was just babbling, but seriously, what were the chances of her saying it?! Sure made me laugh. I just may be psychic yet. Made me a hero to Hailey for being so clairvoyant. She listens to me like I speak the truth every time now. It’s a beautiful thing.

How a library works

Hailey (5) went to the library at school for the first time. She was so excited, exclaiming, “All the books are free!”
They were told they had to promise to keep them in great shape and bring them back each Tuesday or they wouldn’t be allowed to take out another book. That night, after we read her book, I said, “Now, where should we keep it so it stays safe and we always know where to find it so we can return it on time?”

After thinking thoughtfully for a few minutes, she said very nicely, “that’s your problem.”
We both laughed really hard.
But she’ll need to help with this one. Not only to learn about caring for things and taking responsibility, but because my memory is horrible! 🙂


Hailey got toilet trained at 5 through the night!!!!

Hailey can officially go through the night without pull-ups. One website said those kids with sleep apnea can’t feel that they have to go and wake themselves from sleep. Had her tested and sure enough she had sleep apnea. So they took her tonsils and adenoids out to make more room in her throat and her sleep apnea is gone. Then she was able to sleep through the night without peeing in her pull up. Could be a coincidence, or the fact that I said she had too get up when she felt the urge in her sleep and she said “even when my muscles are too tired to get out of bed and I am cozy?” I said “especially then!!!!
Was I being played all along? Oh well. It’s done, And as I predicted, I knew I could toilet train her before she got married. That was the deadline I gave myself. 2 points for me. 10 for her.
Toilet Training Images

Superhero Hailey

Hailey believes she is a superhero. Now that it’s cold, she sees her breath in the air, and thinks it’s her new superpower, like superman when he blows out fire.
She said that since she is sick, the other superheroes will have to take over.
She said unfortunately spiderman has been behaving badly, so he has to stay in her superhero school until he stops doing bad things and then he can graduate.
She has a major crush again this year on a cute nice boy. She told him he is a superhero too, not because she gave him super powers but because he was born that way like her. He said he doesn’t think so. We talked and she feels he’ll believe her maybe in the future when he’s ready. Normally she only gives super powers to nice people, but she felt he was born one.
She said “Do u know why Justin Bieber is my favourite singer? I forgot he was born a super hero!”
She saw him on a music awards show awhile back. She blushed bright red, and when he thanked his fans, she got all coy and said “that’s me!”