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Wash Up Please

Catherine (13) was looking for Hailey by calling out her name so they could do homework together.
Hailey (5) ┬áresponded “I’m over here!” As the door opened to the washroom, Catherine (still in another part of the house) asked “Did you wash your hands?” “Of course!” responded Ron our contractor!
They were both quite surprised needless to say.
Olivia (11) heard the story and was laughing hysterically. She then said “Have you been finding the seat up? I’ve fallen in twice!”

Interfaith children’s view of holidays.

Hailey (6) who is a product of an intermarriage (kind of, half Jewish-half atheist) said after Passover “I think I understand now. Christmas is for presents, Easter is for chocolate, and all the jewish holidays are for eating.” Boy Jove I think she’s got it!!

Cut and paste

Olivia (11) lost her voice. She wrote one word on a bunch of small papers and organized them this morning into categories (verbs, adjectives, nouns). Then separated them into baggies. She literally is cutting and pasting words to make sentences. She even had the word “help. Hasn’t had to make new words all day. She must have really thought it out. Try this if you don’t text next time you have a sore throat. Too smart and soooo old school. Love it!

Pillow Talk

Hailey said she wants a dog. She wants something small, soft, and cuddly. Sarcastic older sister Olivia said ” So basically you want a pillow.”



Scattergories part 3

Letter B.
Category: parts of a car.
Olivia said a bumper.
Joy said that’s not a car part. What?
Why else would the carnies have called the ride bumper cars?

Just for making my daughter feel bad for absolutely no reason, I told Joy that for the letter R, category -a name of a country, we are going with “Womania.”

She said, that’s pronounced Romania. It needs to start with an R. I said “but it does! That’s just how your daughter pronounces it. So WE get the point.”


Olivia has perfectly shaped and sized “texting thumbs”. Evolution is alive and well people!

Peter? Then why do they keep saying pizza

We were watching a movie where all the actors had British accents. Olivia, 6 at the time, said “hehe, his name is pizza.” “No sweetie, his name is Peter. It’s just the accent we are not used to”. “No, I understand their accent, but if his name is Peter, why do they keep calling him pizza?” Say it with a British accent, you’ll hear that Peter sounds like pizza.