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Baby Clothes

Baby clothes with pockets crack me up. What can they put in them? Nothing. They have no control over their arms and hands. Proven anatomy fact you can look up. They keep flailing and hitting themselves by accident. Their hands come out of nowhere and they are too slow to get out of the way.

Entertainment for all

Hailey always places her earphones from her iPod on her teddy bear before she goes to school. So he has something to listen to during the day. Sometimes he likes to get his groove on, or just tune out the other stuffed animals when they are being too ridiculous for him. She understands. Admit it. How many of you leave the tv on for your dog? It is very considerate.

Vocabulary for the ages

3 year old Emma was opening a present. She asked her mom, “what is this, mommy?” Her mom replied, “one minute, you are having wedgie issues I am fixing.” Her daughter then thought the Russian doll she was asking about was called a wedgie and kept calling it that from then on. I like it. Pass it on. One day you too may be lucky enough to get a wedgie as a present.
Lesson? Pay closer attention when asked a question by a child still in the learning phase. You can effect their vocabulary tremendously. Don’t take this responsibility lightly. Mess them up and embarrass them as much as possible. They will soon enough return the favor when teaching you the hip language of the day when they are teenagers.
If you’ll now excuse me, I need to go check “the Facebook” and attempt to crush some candy on it to beat my daughter’s high score. I think I’ll use the jaw breakers I never ate from Halloween. Hope the pieces don’t get stuck between my phone case and phone like last time. Her score is still way ahead of mine somehow. I can’t figure out why my score isn’t budging.

I Tricked Them, So Sue Me

Told the kids to go to sleep. It was too late to put the stickers in their new Barbie house. When they slept , I put the stickers in it. I didn’t have one as a kid and I was dying to decorate it. I wanted to make all the decisions about where the sticker furniture and area rugs went, and to make the stickers straight. They can continue the tradition I started and take over their kids presents and play with them the way they want, buy what they want. I’m sure dads did the same with the stickers on the toy race cars and tracks. So sue me, I tricked them. I’d do it again too. They are getting older and there are way more toys I have my eye on.



Race me but pace me!

I took the girls swimming tonight. They decided it would be fun to have a race.  Hailey is 6. She learnt to swim this past year.  Olivia is 11. She has been on the competitive swim team for years.
And so it begins. On your mark, get set, go! As we start off swimming, Hailey yells, “Ok, here are the rules. If Olivia starts winning, it’s no longer a race.”

Cool your cakes the old fashioned way!

Olivia thought that rather than putting the cupcakes we just baked directly in the fridge to cool before we iced and decorated them, that we should blow on them first. She felt it would be nicer of us so the cupcakes wouldn’t have such a shock going from a hot oven to a cold fridge. She still is at an age where inanimate objects have feelings.
I vetoed for germ reasons. Speaking of blowing on desserts, the world population blows out candles on our birthday cakes. A really gross tradition if you think about it. There should be a spit guard for cakes that hold the candles to catch the candle wax AND the spittle. I’d buy it.