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World expo project

Students were dismantling and removing the display on China from the gym at my kid’s school’s world expo projects.
Wait for it… It was Chinese take out.

Lobster Tale

Next time they put that long rectangular paper napkin around your neck while you are in the dentist chair for your annual check up, whip out a lobster to eat.
I Visited My Dentist - Lobster

Movie Etiquette

Years ago I went to see the movie “Dirty Dancing” with my best friend. The part in the movie when the doctor father is helping the girl after she got a botched abortion, everyone in the theatre could feel her pain and was really sad watching and crying. At the exact same time, my friend, who had just gotten a nose ring, scratched her nose and the ring flew out into the curly mass of hair of the girl in front of her. We just froze, looked at each other, and started laughing really loud. No way were we going to tell the girl or look for the needle in her hay stack. Because of our laughter at the most inappropriate time, everyone in the theatre turned and looked at us. From then on, we don’t refer to the movie as Dirty Dancing”. We call it “Dirty Looks”.

Shelf Life

They say there is a shelf life to pharmaceutical drugs. Like if you stop taking them they could remain in your system for days, weeks even. I’m curious what kind of shelving we have in our bodies. Is it like cabinet shelving that the drugs sit on? Does the blood stream help to face the products when there is disarray?
Where are the little shelves in our body? Do they need dusting? Must be why we are suppose to drink so much water. They must be thermoplastic shelves and cabinets. Water resistant. Easier to clean.

Can I get fries with that?

My uncle was taking a really long time picking up supper. He finally came home and insisted his daughter come with him because he figured his European accent was throwing off the person at the drive thru. They drive back to the drive thru and he started placing his order. Again, no response. He said, all frustrated, “See? They don’t understand me. They don’t even respond by saying anything!”
She looked at him like only a daughter can do, and said ” Sorry. They are never going to respond to you. It might be because you are trying to order your food from the garbage can”.
drive-thru drive-thru