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This Won’t Hurt!

You remember on the Carroll Burnett show when Tim Conway plays a dentist and stabs himself with the Novocain numbing needle?
I was holding Catherine as a baby before her shot and said “don’t worry. this won’t hurt a bit.”  Dr. Eisman missed and shot himself in the thumb. I said to Catherine “see, I told you it wouldn’t hurt!”
Not kidding! True story. I was deadpan when I told her “see I told u it wouldn’t hurt”. He was shocked and said he couldn’t believe he missed her arm. I lost it and had the giggles the rest of the appointment.
Too bad Catherine was too small to remember but I know the Dr. remembers. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! The man never smiles and this had him so puzzled, he just couldn’t understand how he missed.  He missed her arm entirely. I lost it and still to this day giggle thinking about it!