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A bewildered overwhelmed employee in a department store was tasked with putting a huge assortment of luggage away on the shelves. She looked like she didn’t know where to begin as she stood in the center of the chaos. I walked by and asked “going somewhere?”





Has your cheek ever accidentally touch your phone screen and hang up on people? It’s the other definition of FaceTime. It’s your face’s way of saying “time’s up!”
I hate when it happens. You never know how long you were rambling before you realize no one is on the other end listening anymore. You just talk and talk and think to yourself, “wow! My friend has become a really good listener. She must be totally into my story!”

Conversations with Charlie

Blogging? Be careful. 
Have been meeting some bloggers from around the world online. It’s been great! Sometimes they vent about how hard it is to come up with just the right words to blog. Here is another episode of In Conversation with Charlie from a great serious male writer:
I tried to write a few Laugh Out Loud anecdotes, like yours Charlie. It would be a great way for me to start my blogs. But I found myself still sitting with a pencil stuck in my hand 5 hours later.

That was your problem. The pencil was stuck in your hand. Have that checked at emergency. You’ll be able to write better when they get it out, and it’s easier to be funny when you are not in pain.
Your last childhood glue story might have done some permanent damage, Charlie. I might have to let your readers know your mind is really as off as it appear in your blogs.
That’s okay. They are sure to figure out something is amiss with me. And your pencil being stuck might appear as a blog one day. Do you have a preference in false names?
I like the name Susan…


Again, too much info. But I am the most open minded person on the planet. I need steel hats.

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One Way to Swatch the Kids

My dad worked all the time. He never did drugs. Or drank. But boy did he inadvertently get his 4 kids high. Doing child labour. Toxic glue in an un-air vented room a bit bigger than a closet. Had to cut tiny swatches of fabric to cardboard pages to make swatch books for his clothing business. It was a bonding experience to say the least. It sounds boring, but we never complained. Too busy laughing our heads off at nothing. To this day, him and my mom don’t realize how high we were. But my sisters and brother have very fond (and foggy) memories indeed. Maybe that’s why we all have such a strong work ethic.

It’s Penguin Cold

I think we all know how cold it’s been. I call it penguin cold. It seems inhumane to be walking dogs in this weather. Even if they are wearing cute sweaters and matching knit boots. It would make more sense in my mind if I were to be driving around seeing people walking their penguins. Ok, waddling their penguins. Too cute on their leash. Although if you get near a small snow mountain, the penguin could take off and want to slide down really fast. They look nonchalant all dressed up for the ball, but we all know inside they are speed demons and risk takers, what with their sliding off slopes and diving into freezing cold ice water. The visual of penguins on leashes still tickles. But I changed my mind already. Instead of leashes, they should be wearing ties to better match their tuxedos.

Entertainment for all

Hailey always places her earphones from her iPod on her teddy bear before she goes to school. So he has something to listen to during the day. Sometimes he likes to get his groove on, or just tune out the other stuffed animals when they are being too ridiculous for him. She understands. Admit it. How many of you leave the tv on for your dog? It is very considerate.