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Tooth Fairy

Olivia and now Hailey have left very polite notes to the tooth fairy to kindly leave the money and not take the tooth. When Hailey’s 2nd tooth fell out, she exclaimed the next morning “So cool, you just have to leave the note once to the tooth fairy. She remembers every time after that!”

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I Can’t Talk Now

Silly Self Help

Ray was walking with his teenage daughter back to his car. In a panic, he begged her to start looking in and out of the car for his phone. Just then a phone rang. He answered and anxiously said to his wife “I can’t talk now! I lost my phone!!”

 His daughter, not having even lifted a finger to help look for the phone, said dryly “you mean your cell phone? The one you just answered and are talking on?”

lost cell

Lesson? Don’t worry so quickly! Take an extra second and let the people who you trust and care about you help out once in a while.

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Mom Rules!

Hailey peed in a cup because I said she couldn’t come out of her room again tonight 🙂
She thought she had outsmarted me. It turns out she got her sister instead when the next day Catherine came running with toothpaste hanging out of her mouth yelling about how she thinks she was rinsing her mouth out with the cup of pee!
She wasn’t but I let her believe she did for a bit. 🙂
A mother has to have some fun.

The 2 Person Job

Haley made a real mess in her diaper. It was a two person job. I asked my sister to help. After I bathed Haley, I handed her to my sister to diaper and dress her while I cleaned up the bathtub. I had already laid out the new diaper and clothes near the sink. A few minutes after handing her off, I heard Haley shrieking. I didn’t know what was wrong. As my sister tried to calm her down, I was quickly putting everything away in the diaper bag. My sister said “don’t forget the diaper cream”.  I hadn’t taken any out.  I didn’t know what she was talking about. I quickly looked at the cream my sister was handing me and read the label. It was toothpaste! No wonder Haley was screaming. She had a minty fresh butt!